Life is based off of trial and error,
So if you supposed to make mistakes,
What are you scared of?
Real live action,
Told youngin to beat it after I jacked sons,
I’ll be honest raps tell lies,
go on with your lives,
Disgusted with whom music is entrusted
Mercers home, for you it’s bad timing
Cause the kid is nastier then your grandmas bathtub lining,
As The plot gets thicker
I see you churpin on Twitter,
Since when did real men have a stylist
I was taught gangsters move in silence
Which makes 95% of you liars
The smooth strut with a fresh crew cut,
Grew up a screw up but I still grew up,
Yeah I see you ameba, playin follow the leader,
But I been ether since lotto told rabbit to leave it to beaver,